Wealth Management Planning

Our Wealth Enhancement Group is comprised of a team of financial specialists who are experienced in developing wealth plans designed to meet your unique needs and goals. Providing a “retirement roadmap” for retirees that examines various “what if” scenarios is an important part of our “Wealth Designed. Life Defined” planning approach. We also offer complementary focused planning services which utilize your Family Index Number to determine the rate of return necessary on your portfolio assets to achieve your short and long term goals and objectives. We analyze your Social Security benefits and provide guidance as to the most appropriate choices to maximize your benefits. As part of our five-step planning process we provide you access to your personal website where you will be able to view your various “what if” scenarios in addition to seeing all of your important documents in a virtual vault. Our goal is to help organize and simplify your financial life so that you can pursue and enjoy your life journey. Our team consults with clients who go through life transitions such as spousal, business or generational changes.

When was the last time you were able to see all of your assets, plans and important documents all in one location in a password-protected secure website?